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Unix Process Tutorial

2020-11-28 unix

In this blog post I’ll go over a quick tutorial on Unix Processes. We’ll start with some theory and then go into some real world examples. ... Read More

COI with Dovecot

2020-11-20 coi

I recently discovered Chat Over IMAP. It looks like a promising technology that has a lot to offer. I’m currently hosting email on my ... Read More

Improved Scanning of JSON with Flex/Bison

2020-10-27 flex/bison json

Using Flex/Bison in the last post we Parsed JSON into an AST. In the first post we setup a Simple Example to Parse JSON. In this post we will improve ... Read More

Parse JSON into an Abstract Syntax Tree using Flex/Bison

2020-10-25 flex/bison json

In a previous post we Parsed JSON using Flex/Bison. This example was very basic. We used a FLEX scanner to tokenize our JSON and created grammar rules ... Read More

TF Mini Plus Unix Agent for the Raspberry Pi

2020-10-12 hardware lidar Range Finder

In this post we will create a Unix agent for the TF Mini+ LiDAR Range Finder. We’ll run the agent on a Raspberry Pi B+ as a daemon. This agent ... Read More

Disassembly of Recursion in C

2020-09-25 c assembly arm

Let’s disassemble a recursive function in C to ARM assembly. We can use a textbook usage of a recursive factorial function. We’ll play ... Read More

Retry in Bash

2020-09-21 unix

In this blog post we’ll have two examples in bash that will retry in the following ways: Retry a command N times before failing Retry command ... Read More

SX1276 LoRa Module on Raspberry Pi

2020-09-15 hardware lora wireless

I recently purchased two E32 868T20D LoRa wireless modules from Amazon. These E32 modules run off the SX1276 LoRa Chip. In this post I’ll ... Read More

Favorite Idioms

2020-08-19 idioms

Some of my favorite idioms. Sorry I don’t have the author of them currently, and the context will have to be determined for each of them. Open ... Read More

Chords in Musical Keys

2020-08-06 music

The Major and Minor Chords in every Key Read More