Stack Protection with a Canary

2021-06-11 c arm assembly

Buffer overflows can be detected by inserting a canary into a function. These canaries are inserted when a function’s stack frame is created. ... Read More

Disassembly of Recursion in C

2020-09-25 c assembly arm

Let’s disassemble a recursive function in C to ARM assembly. We can use the textbook example of a recursive factorial function. We’ll play ... Read More

The Stack of Frames in C with ARM Assembly Example

2020-04-03 c arm assembly

Function calls in the C programming language make heavy use of the stack, also called the call stack. When functions are called they create the ... Read More

Converting C Conditionals to ARM Assembly

2020-03-27 c assembly arm

In this post we can explore how to the gcc compiler converts to C to ARM assembly language. We’ll specifically look at conditional logic. ... Read More