Lloyd Rochester

Dad. Husband. Software. Hardware. Radio. Guitar.


I’m a Husband and Father of 2 Beautiful Girls who lives in Colorado. My background is in Computer Engineering and I’m interested in all things involving Software and Hardware. I’ve always geeked out on radio, and what I mean by that is anything that wirelessly sends an RF signal. One of my hobbies I’d also like to blog about is Guitar. More to come soon. The opinions in this blog are my own and don’t represent that of my current, or past employers.

Recent Posts

Viterbi Example

2020-05-01 c signal-processing

Here we go! In this post I’m going to go through how Viterbi Decoders work. There is a lot to cover since we need to touch on Convolutional ... Read More

I/O Multiplexing in Unix

2020-04-26 unix c

In Unix a process performs I/O on a single file descriptor at a time. When we talk about I/O on a file think read() and write() calls which are ... Read More

SSD1306 Display Module to Raspberry Pi Wiring

2020-04-22 c hardware

I recently bought a DIY Display Module using the SSD1306 Driver from Alibaba AliExpress. In this post we discuss the physical wiring from the display ... Read More

A CLI Tool to Recommend Text

2020-04-14 c convolution

Computers are fast at comparing one string to another, however, when we need to find which string is closest to other strings things become more ... Read More

The Stack of Frames in C with ARM Assembly Example

2020-04-03 c arm

Function calls in the C programming language make heavy use of the stack. When functions are called, they create a so-called stack of frames. This ... Read More