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Viterbi Example

2020-05-01 c signal-processing

Here we go! In this post I’m going to go through how Viterbi Decoders work. There is a lot to cover since we need to touch on Convolutional ... Read More

Delay Lines in C

2020-03-23 c signal-processing

There are many scenarios where a delay line is needed in signal processing. Scenarios ranging from Digital Filters, Convolution, Reverberation, Echo ... Read More

Implementing FIR Filters in C

2019-08-19 c telecommunication signal-processing

Implementing FIR filters in C is much easier if we make use of the static variables declared in our functions. In this blog post we will create some ... Read More

Example FFT in C

2019-08-08 c signal-processing

In this post we’ll provide a simple Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) example in C where we will sacrifice performance and external code dependencies ... Read More

PSK31 Convolutional Decoder Implementation in C

2019-02-13 telecommunication signal-processing convolution

PSK31 Convolutional Decoder In my humble opinion decoding a convolutionally encoded PSK31 output stream is the most challenging part of all. Decoding ... Read More

PSK31 Convolutional Encoder implementation in C

2019-02-13 telecommunication signal-processing convolution

PSK31 Convolution Encoding Convolutional Codes are often charactarized by three aspects: n Base Code Rate - Number of bits into the encoder k Output ... Read More

Root Raised Cosine Filter in C

2019-02-13 telecommunication signal-processing convolution

Root Raised Cosine Filtering The PSK31 Standard uses Root Raised Cosine Filters as a matched filter. Our PSK31 signal is convolved by the Root Raised ... Read More

Simple Convolution in C

2018-10-17 c convolution signal processing

Updated April 21, 2020 In this blog post we’ll create a simple 1D convolution in C. We’ll show the classic example of convolving two ... Read More