Viterbi Example

2020-05-01 c signal-processing

Here we go! In this post I’m going to go through how Viterbi Decoders work. There is a lot to cover since we need to touch on Convolutional ... Read More

Delay Lines in C

2020-03-23 c signal-processing

There are many scenarios where a delay line is needed in signal processing. Scenarios ranging from Digital Filters, Convolution, Reverberation, Echo ... Read More

Implementing FIR Filters in C

2019-08-19 c telecommunication signal-processing

Implementing FIR filters in C is much easier if we make use of the static variables declared in our functions. In this blog post we will create some ... Read More

Example FFT in C

2019-08-08 c signal-processing

In this post we’ll provide the simplest possible Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) example in C. After understanding this example it can be adapted ... Read More

PSK31 Convolutional Decoder Implementation in C

2019-02-13 telecommunication signal-processing convolution

PSK31 Convolutional Decoder In my humble opinion decoding a convolutionally encoded PSK31 output stream is the most challenging part of all. Decoding ... Read More

PSK31 Convolutional Encoder implementation in C

2019-02-13 telecommunication signal-processing convolution

PSK31 Convolution Encoding Convolutional Codes are often charactarized by three aspects: n Base Code Rate - Number of bits into the encoder k Output ... Read More

Root Raised Cosine Filter in C

2019-02-13 telecommunication signal-processing convolution

Root Raised Cosine Filtering The PSK31 Standard uses Root Raised Cosine Filters as a matched filter. Our PSK31 signal is convolved by the Root Raised ... Read More

Simple Convolution in C

2018-10-17 c convolution signal processing

Updated April 21, 2020 In this blog post we’ll create a simple 1D convolution in C. We’ll show the classic example of convolving two ... Read More