Unix Command for Epoch Time

2022-02-06 unix

This post provides some examples using the Unix date(1) command to interact with Epoch Time. We commonly need to print or parse the Epoch. Print the ... Read More

USB 3D Sound on the Raspberry Pi

2021-01-01 unix alsa

I recently bought the USB 3D Sound Card to play around with some C ALSA Programming on the Raspberry Pi. It worked without a problem and wanted to jot ... Read More

Unix Process Tutorial

2020-11-28 unix

In this blog post I’ll go over a quick tutorial on Unix Processes. We’ll start with some theory and then go into some real world examples. ... Read More

Retry in Bash

2020-09-21 unix

In this blog post we’ll have two examples in bash that will retry in the following ways: Retry a command N times before failing Retry command ... Read More

Systemd: Timers

2020-06-30 unix c systemd

In the fourth post on how to create a service in systemd we will create a timer that will run every minute sending messages to our example foo service ... Read More

Systemd: A Service and a Socket

2020-06-26 unix c systemd

This is the third post on how to create a service in systemd. See the first post to create a autotools project and start/stop a daemon service. Or the ... Read More

Status, Reloading and Journalling in Systemd

2020-06-23 unix c systemd

This is the second post on how to create a service in systemd. In the first post we created an autotools project and were able to start, stop and get ... Read More

Systemd and Autotools

2020-06-22 autotools systemd unix

This post starts a tutorial series on how to create a systemd service in Linux. This first post is likely the hardest part as we create an autotools ... Read More

I/O Multiplexing in Unix

2020-04-26 unix c

In Unix a process performs I/O on a single file descriptor at a time. When we talk about I/O on a file think read() and write() calls which are ... Read More

Unix Command Line Tool Timeline

2020-03-25 unix

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. After changing blogging engines it no longer works. Timeline of Unix Command Line Tools by initial release date. A ... Read More