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USB 3D Sound on the Raspberry Pi

2021-01-01 unix alsa

I recently bought the USB 3D Sound Card to play around with some C ALSA Programming on the Raspberry Pi. It worked without a problem and wanted to jot ... Read More

Unix Process Tutorial

2020-11-28 unix

In this blog post I’ll go over a quick tutorial on Unix Processes. We’ll start with some theory and then go into some real world examples. ... Read More

Retry in Bash

2020-09-21 unix

In this blog post we’ll have two examples in bash that will retry in the following ways: Retry a command N times before failing Retry command ... Read More

Systemd: Timers

2020-06-30 unix c systemd

In the fourth post on how to create a service in systemd we will create a timer that will run every minute sending messages to our example foo service ... Read More

Systemd: A Service and a Socket

2020-06-26 unix c systemd

This is the third post on how to create a service in systemd. See the first post to create a autotools project and start/stop a daemon service. Or the ... Read More

Status, Reloading and Journalling in Systemd

2020-06-23 unix c systemd

This is the second post on how to create a service in systemd. In the first post we created an autotools project and were able to start, stop and get ... Read More

Systemd and Autotools

2020-06-22 autotools systemd unix

This post starts a tutorial series on how to create a systemd service in Linux. This first post is likely the hardest part as we create an autotools ... Read More

I/O Multiplexing in Unix

2020-04-26 unix c

In Unix a process performs I/O on a single file descriptor at a time. When we talk about I/O on a file think read() and write() calls which are ... Read More

Unix Command Line Tool Timeline

2020-03-25 unix

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. After changing blogging engines it no longer works. Timeline of Unix Command Line Tools by initial release date. A ... Read More

Daemon Example in C

2020-03-05 c unix

In this post we’ll look at daemon creation and demonstrate how to programmatically create daemons. We’ll go into the SysV recommendation ... Read More