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Unix UDP Example in C

2020-02-27 c networking sockets

In this post we’ll create an example client and server that communicate over UDP in C using Unix as the Operating System. UDP is a ... Read More

Unix Virtual Network Device Types

2020-02-07 unix networking

This blog post attempts to list and describe the majority of Virtual Network Device types in Unix. Networking with Linux is a hot topic especially in ... Read More

Creating IP Tunnels in Linux with iproute2

2020-02-04 unix networking iproute2 tunnel

In this post we’ll use iproute2 to create tunnels between two unix hosts. This will be the simplest form of an IP-in-IP tunnel. How the Tunnels ... Read More

How the Internet Works

2019-07-26 networking

The Internet is the most complex public service ever created! The Internet is truly amazing. Want to know how the Internet works? If you come from a ... Read More

Enable CORS when not Supported

2019-07-05 networking cors reverse proxy

Some services don’t support CORS, but we can use NGINX to make CORS supported with this simple hack! To enable CORS on any service we need to ... Read More

Passing Datagrams Between Python and C

2019-06-18 c networking sockets python

Let’s discuss how to pass data from a C program to a Python Script and vice-versa, how to pass data between a Python Script and C program. As ... Read More

NGINX/CouchDB Reverse Proxy

2018-10-10 networking nginx couchdb reverse proxy

Using NGINX as a front-end server to forward to multiple back-end services works great by configuring NGINX as a reverse proxy. The reverse proxy ... Read More