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Timestamps in C

2020-12-02 c

In this post I’ll provide some ways to create, convert and print timestamps using C. We’ll first create a Unix epoch which corresponds to ... Read More

Disassembly of Recursion in C

2020-09-25 c assembly arm

Let’s disassemble a recursive function in C to ARM assembly. We can use a textbook usage of a recursive factorial function. We’ll play ... Read More

Systemd: Timers

2020-06-30 unix c systemd

In the fourth post on how to create a service in systemd we will create a timer that will run every minute sending messages to our example foo service ... Read More

Systemd: A Service and a Socket

2020-06-26 unix c systemd

This is the third post on how to create a service in systemd. See the first post to create a autotools project and start/stop a daemon service. Or the ... Read More

Status, Reloading and Journalling in Systemd

2020-06-23 unix c systemd

This is the second post on how to create a service in systemd. In the first post we created an autotools project and were able to start, stop and get ... Read More

Viterbi Example

2020-05-01 c signal-processing

Here we go! In this post I’m going to go through how Viterbi Decoders work. There is a lot to cover since we need to touch on Convolutional ... Read More

I/O Multiplexing in Unix

2020-04-26 unix c

In Unix a process performs I/O on a single file descriptor at a time. When we talk about I/O on a file think read() and write() calls which are ... Read More

SSD1306 Display Module to Raspberry Pi Wiring

2020-04-22 c hardware

I recently bought a DIY Display Module using the SSD1306 Driver from Alibaba AliExpress. In this post we discuss the physical wiring from the display ... Read More

A CLI Tool to Recommend Text

2020-04-14 c convolution

Computers are fast at comparing one string to another, however, when we need to find which string is closest to other strings things become more ... Read More

The Stack of Frames in C with ARM Assembly Example

2020-04-03 c arm assembly

Function calls in the C programming language make heavy use of the stack. When functions are called, they create a so-called stack of frames. This ... Read More