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Systemd and Autotools

2020-06-22 autotools systemd unix

This post starts a tutorial series on how to create a systemd service in Linux. This first post is likely the hardest part as we create an autotools ... Read More

Flex/Bison Autotools Project Creation

2019-06-25 autotools flex/bison

Let’s create a basic Flex/Bison Project with Autotools. The GNU Documentation for Automake specifies Flex/Bison Support. We will take it a step ... Read More

Autotools Project Creation Template

2019-06-24 autotools

This post has a simple bash script to create a basic Hello World autotools project with a single command. The justification for this autotools script ... Read More

Autotools Hello World

2019-05-30 autotools

Don’t Listen to the Autotools Haters Being an avid C and Unix Geek, I decided to ignore all the hate out there about GNU Autotools and try it ... Read More