Simple Convolution in C

2018-10-17 c convolution signal processing

Updated April 21, 2020 In this blog post we’ll create a simple 1D convolution in C. We’ll show the classic example of convolving two ... Read More

NGINX/CouchDB Reverse Proxy

2018-10-10 networking nginx couchdb reverse proxy

Using NGINX as a front-end server to forward to multiple back-end services works great by configuring NGINX as a reverse proxy. The reverse proxy ... Read More

Viterbi Error Correction

2018-10-06 telecommunication viterbi

I’ve built a little PSK31 convolutional encoder and decoder and originally wanted to make a graph showing the error correction capabilities as a ... Read More

Number of Programming Languages

2018-09-21 programming

What are the similarities and differences between spoken languages and programming languages? What are the effects of having a large number of ... Read More

First Post


Hello All! This is the first time I’ve tried blogging. I “do” IT for a living and am involved in all sorts of Software. I’m ... Read More


2018-09-16 telecommunication viterbi psk

A little side project - that actually turned in to a larger project is an implementation of the PSK31 Specification. I’m hoping to create an ... Read More