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Audio Clip Capture by Threshold

2021-04-10 hardware raspberry-pi alsa

Here is a command line tool to capture audio clips based on a threshold. The setup is a microphone attached to a Raspberry Pi. I used multiple ... Read More

TF Mini Plus Unix Agent for the Raspberry Pi

2020-10-12 hardware lidar Range Finder

In this post we will create a Unix agent for the TF Mini+ LiDAR Range Finder. We’ll run the agent on a Raspberry Pi B+ as a daemon. This agent ... Read More

Ebyte e32 LoRa Module - Getting Started

2020-09-15 hardware lora wireless ebyte-e32-lora

Getting Started This page documents software for the Ebyte e32 Lora module that runs on the Raspberry Pi which can be found in this github repo. Help ... Read More

LSM9DS1 Command Line Tool for Raspberry Pi

2020-06-03 hardware raspberry-pi

I recently created a LSM9DS1 Command Line Tool for the Raspberry Pi. This tool was used to capture Accelerometer and Gyroscope data. I did an ... Read More

UART Between Raspberry Pi and Arduino

2020-03-18 c hardware arduino raspberry-pi

Using a 2-wire serial connection we can communicate from a Rapsberry Pi (RPi) to an Arduino. For the Rasperry Pi we’ll use the built in UART ... Read More