SSD1306 Display Module to Raspberry Pi Wiring

2020-04-22 c hardware

I recently bought a DIY Display Module using the SSD1306 Driver from Alibaba AliExpress. In this post we discuss the physical wiring from the display ... Read More

A CLI Tool to Recommend Text

2020-04-14 c convolution

Computers are fast at comparing one string to another, however, when we need to find which string is closest to other strings things become more ... Read More

The Stack of Frames in C with ARM Assembly Example

2020-04-03 c arm assembly

Function calls in the C programming language make heavy use of the stack, also called the call stack. When functions are called they create the ... Read More

Converting C Conditionals to ARM Assembly

2020-03-27 c assembly arm

In this post we can explore how to the gcc compiler converts to C to ARM assembly language. We’ll specifically look at conditional logic. ... Read More

Delay Lines in C

2020-03-23 c signal-processing

There are many scenarios where a delay line is needed in signal processing. Scenarios ranging from Digital Filters, Convolution, Reverberation, Echo ... Read More

UART Between Raspberry Pi and Arduino

2020-03-18 c hardware arduino raspberry-pi

Using a 2-wire serial connection we can communicate from a Rapsberry Pi (RPi) to an Arduino. For the Rasperry Pi we’ll use the built in UART ... Read More

Daemon Example in C

2020-03-05 c unix

In this post we’ll look at daemon creation and demonstrate how to programmatically create daemons. We’ll go into the SysV recommendation ... Read More

Unix UDP Example in C

2020-02-27 c networking sockets

In this post we’ll create an example client and server that communicate over UDP in C using Unix as the Operating System. UDP is a ... Read More

Listing files in a Directory using C

2020-02-24 c

Use the glibc scandir function from <dirent.h> to list all the files in a directory using the C programming language. The scandir function ... Read More

Regular Expressions in C

2020-02-01 c

In this blog post we will construe some simple examples of regular expressions in C, also known as a regex. We will use the popular libraries PCRE and ... Read More